Vietnam Farm

Ngu Hanh Son
(Marbles mountains)

Larger-scale experimentation began in Vietnam (about 3000m2).
Located 1.5km from the China Sea, the rural village of Ngu Han Son is located between Hoi An and Danang.

Characterized by a sub-tropical climate and magnificent landscapes, this region also bears the heavy legacy of the Vietnam War with the Americans. Indeed, Danang and its surroundings are areas that have been most affected by the voluntary application of Dioxin (Agent Orange). Today, longitudinal studies show that dioxin is not only still present in the soil but also in blood samples collected from a cohort of the population from North to South Vietnam and that more than 400,000 Vietnamese died from Agent Orange.

The soil has been massively contaminated by this defoliating agent, which has not only destroyed the primary forests but also cancelled the possibility for the Vietnamese to cultivate and feed on their own land. The desire to fix what I could on my scale seemed obvious. Aquaponics represented an appropriate solution as a transition system that could produce healthy products while regenerating soils.

My first steps in aquaponics

I share my experience

“I share my experience, my assumptions, my experiments, my failures, my repeats, my know-how, my intuition, what I have learned through the different forms of farming in the world.

“What matters to me is that it works for Us now and not where I come from”