We colonized the indigenous knowledge of the primary European peoples who lived in our rural areas during the Great Inquisition. Accused of pacifying with the devil by the church, women and men who owned the knowledge about natural functioning of our ecosystems were abused, condemned, banished and burned in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. What a rebirth!

Then we did the same on the American, African, Asian continent… Our will of conquests have annihilated many peoples, violated many lands and women, ravaged ecosystems and inspired many authors like José-Maria de Heredia in his work The Trophies. Our disconnection reached its peak when the living leave our soil, that the IPCC publishes a report in August 2019 on food insecurity to come, confirmed recently with the episode of Covid-19 by the WHO.


A soil is qualified as soil when it has these 3 aspects, otherwise it is a dead material

  • Its texture (sand, silt, clay, silica, etc.)
  • Its organic matter
  • Its biology

 The obsolescence of our production and agricultural system is based on the need to disrupt an initial ecosystem in order to re-set it on human being. The destruction of soil biology by humans has therefore led to a system of chemical inputs dependence.

Our ignorance of the macro-organism Earth leads us straight into the wall.

Feeding the plants rather than the soil is like shooting yourself in the foot. Deforesting to install yards of fields in monoculture leads to destroying a balanced biodiversity that knew how to self-regulate, keep its nutrients and water in the soil in favor of the installation of a desert steppe dependent on chemical inputs indexed to the extraction of minerals and oil.

When we stand on our heads, we have to democratize the knowledge of life.

Water scarcity

Only 3% of the Earth’s water is fresh water and 97% salt water. Here is how fresh water is distributed:

  • The surface water evaporates,
  • Groundwater disappearing and becoming polluted,
  • The frozen waters that melt at sight with the climatic disturbance
  • Rivers and lakes disappearing visibly and their pollution

Water is the blood of the land, the heart of the forests and the vector of climate balance.

Our water management is disconnected with its resources. Our ignorance of this element, which is so vital, leads humanity to irreversible desertification if we keep in this way.

 Our production methods absorb much more than the water renewal cycle. And yes, using drinking water for our toilets in Europe while the rest of the world has no access to drinking water or water simply is once again foolish.

In 2019, France had 73 departments in a state of water alert and water restriction. 

In April 2018, the South African government restrainted the city of Cape Town’s water consumption to a ratio of 40 litres per person. This represents 4 flushes per day. 40 liters to clean the dishes, water your garden, take your shower, cook … Meanwhile, farmers could not water their land and suffered a significant loss. The army requisitioned the water resources to dispense them to the population.

Can you believe it?

In Europe, fresh water silently leaves our soil. Yet we witness it disappear earlier every year. Deforestation, our consumption patterns, land deionization and steppe agriculture are factors that we can change. It all starts with a YES.

We need transitional tools capable of producing 100% natural food, able to save fresh water and ways to clean up streams.

Founder of Blue Soil

President of the Archimedes Association

Strategic member for food resilience at SOSMAIRES

Co-founder Existence B 

“I am an inventor, a farmer and a scientist”

Atypical background, I spent 11 years of my life abroad between West Africa,  United States, Canada, Vietnam, Burma, Bali and France. My relationship with Nature was stimulated very early with a childhood spent in Niger.

I graduated from a French research Master in psychology (specialty neuropscyhologie, cognitive neurosciences) I was accepted at New York University but I quickly dropped out in view of the year-round prize and the modest environment of my social class. When I was studying and for a few years, I was a reservist for the Gendarmerie Nationale.

“A globe trotter”

In 2014 I am in the United States and my life changes radically. The trigger? a bowel disease. I decide to put my attentional units and my cognitive substance at the service of a much greater cause than that of earning only my life. I then decide to put myself at the service of the Living One and put my hands back into the earth to experience my hypotheses.

Aquaponics comes after in 2016 when I leave for Southeast Asia in Vietnam. My experiments combining the world of water and soil began in this unforgettable Asian universe.

“Let’s be honest about the patent!”

In 2019 I return to France and decide to file a patent. Patenting life is not my taste. However, after some unfortunate experiences in my former association, I learned my lesson. This patent allows me intellectual independence and avoids that some organizations put the control on this process dedicated to nourishing and reviving the living and not to relaunch a devitalized machinery of exploitation of man on Nature and woman; or even to operate again with centralized food production modes and indexed to oil and phosphorus import.